Summer Sachets



                                                                   Hi!  I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and the beautiful summer weather.  It’s Lavender season and I always look forward to harvesting a few bundles to take home to make my favorite laundry sachets.

 It’s so easy and makes your laundry smell incredible!  




 Drying your Lavender

Hang your tied Lavender bunch upside down until the flowers are dry and ready to fall off.

Purchase  muslin cloth and cut into 4 by 4 inch squares. Sew (by hand or machine) around the square leaving an opening at one end for the Lavender.

Gently remove the dried flowers and  place them in the open end of a muslin cloth.

Fill each square about 2/3 full and sew the open side.

Make sure you sew a close stitch around your square otherwise you will have Lavender all over your drier (this happened to me the first time I tried to do this!)


My Lavender dryer Sachets!


 Known for it’s relaxing properties, lavender is a wonderful herb to add to a sleep pillow. Used alone, lavender buds may bring a restful quality to sleep, for young and old alike. 



 When you cut the Lavender, cut from the second leaf set  from the stem.

Have you ever used Lavender?



Dress: MILLY / Shoes: JOIE/ Bracelets: JCrew/  David Yuram

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  1. says

    Good morning Leslie!

    I just woke up and you were the first person on my mind, and who’s new post do I see? YOURS!

    I suspect you are having a grand summer, and it’s great to see you! I wish we had lavender fields out here in Minnesota, but no way would it survive our climate! It must be heavenly to walk through such fields, covered with purple magic. I use lavender sachets in my dryer and it is such a great idea for sheets and pillowcases!

    You look so beautiful! I hope your new home and construction is going well?

    Enjoy the lavender of summer my friend as I too enjoy at least a huge bunch of it laying in a primitive wooden bowl on my dining room table!


  2. says

    Enjoy lavender. We had several bushes, but unfortunately the ice storm got to them this year as they were still young. Hoping to plant some more. The smell is intoxicating. And yes, very relaxing.

  3. says

    How lovely you are harvesting your laundry lavender, Leslie!
    You know how much I love Lavender!
    It’s an obsession.
    I keep a fresh jar with various little sachet options…ready for “take out”!
    I give “Momma’s to be” a pedicure , a lavender pillow and lavender essential oil.
    My signature Summer 2014 cocktail is Amethyst Lavender Gin and tonic.
    What a beautiful post!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    How lovely you look in this picture with the basket filled with lavender. I love the smell of lavender too, and these fields are just beautiful. These sachets would be a great gift for someone special.

    Enjoy your lavender, Leslie……and now I want to get a scented candle in it. :~)


  5. says

    I remember well the beautiful lavender fields in Washington. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to grow lavender here and I will note your instructions for making some lavender sachets this summer.
    I’m happy you are enjoying beautiful weather in your region. Happy weekend.

  6. says

    Hi Leslie, How wonderful to have lavender to harvest yourself. One of my favorite fragrances, just brought home two bundles from the market last weekend. I tied them together with a ribbon and put them in a basket for the kitchen. You look stunning in your white eyelet, this should be a magazine layout! Enjoy your lavender……………….

  7. says

    Good morning, beautiful!

    Leslie, thank you for taking the time to come to my blog to comment. You are so busy, but the time you took out of your busy day to visit and say “hi” really says something special about you. Thank you.

    We have been having a lot of rain, but what great benefits (other than flooding of the streets near the lakes and creeks!) we are having. Our gardens are yielding the most beautiful flowers and shrubery I’ve ever seen here! But the clouds have rolled in again this morning, so I doubt if I’ll be outside today because when it rains here, it storms and pours!

    Enjoy your warm weather. I bet the lavender just smells so sweet under that hot Seattle sun! Much love, Anita

  8. says

    How amazing it must be to be able to harvest and make your own lavender sachets! I find the smell of lavender to be so calming and relaxing. I use lavender essential oil in my mineral baths all the time. Have a wonderful week Leslie!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. says

    Gorgeous, Leslie! Lavender is one of my favorite scents – soothing, calming and reminds me of hot summer days. We added some more lavender starts to our new gardens last week and they make me so happy. Glad you got to get out to harvest some. Have a beautiful week and enjoy the sun! XO

  10. says

    Hi Leslie,

    I love the photos of you harvesting the lavender and the sweet sachets you have made. I adore lavender also and love the bushes I have growing and then drying it when it is ready.
    Hope you have a lovely week

  11. says

    I can smell the lavender from here ;) and you look so gorgeous!
    Hope all your building plans are running smoothly…we’re taking a little bit of a back seat and enjoying the summer ;) xx

  12. says

    These are really wonderful, relaxing photos. I love lavendar myself, especially as I have grown up with my mum regularly spraying herself with lavendar or infusing each room with the smell of lavendar.. a lot of happy memories! Thanks for sharing these photos with us, Leslie! :)
    – I follow back on Bloglovin’ –


  13. says

    Leslie, I love lavender! And I make sachets all the time for gifts, the laundry and to repel moths.

    Aside from the fabulous lavender farms in Provence which are always a favorite, my favorite lavender farm in your area is on the San Juan islands, the Phlinda lavender farm.

    I hope all is coming along well with your house!

    Have a great week, Elizabeth

  14. pretty pink tulips says

    Mmmmm….I love the scent of lavender. Relaxing, comforting, clean.

    I’m inspired to make my own sachets thanks to your instructions! So beautiful, Leslie!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  15. says

    I love lavender! I’ve never grown it before but have always wanted to. I have some in an old bucket that smells so good. Love the sachets too.

  16. says

    I love the pictures you captured Leslie and I have tried to talk my mom into planting lavender on their property because I think it’s so beautiful and pretty when it blooms, plus I actually really like the smell too when other’s can be overpowering. Thanks for sharing this and I hope you’re having a great summer.


  17. says

    Hello Leslie, first of all, you look gorgeous in these pictures. We have lots of lavender growing, however I have never harvested it. There’s always next year. So many uses for it.
    I did receive my special prize and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I will read more about mineral makeup, as it is new to me. I hope all is going well with your house……exciting and stressful…..xoxo

  18. says

    Good morning Leslie! Thank you so much for always coming to leave a comment on my blog, and for today, it is a special occasion. I just adore bringing people together under one idea and then seeing how they all branch out on their own…I guess it’s the teacher in me! But take a week to enjoy the various photos that are sure to inspire a trip or at least a dream of a far off land….

  19. says

    Hi Leslie,
    I caught this post while we were in Spain but couldn’t leave a comment. These images are lovely (and so are you!). I love using lavender and we grown it in bunches in our front yard. I put it in vases or baskets for the aromatherapy aspect–it’s so calming.
    Happy summer and enjoy your upcoming getaway!

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