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A Celebration of women and their unique BEAUTY, inside and out.  

Following is a series of posts featuring mature women.

This has been so much fun and I hope you enjoy following along.

1.  Scent of a Woman: favorite fragrance.

  Chanel N°5 is the ultimate in femininity.  The silky smooth fragrance is sexy .. just a dot on the wrists or behind the ears.The classic bottle is beautiful and  a  pretty accessory on the vanity or dressing table.  When I’m out with the girls I’ll wear a lighter fragrance such as Kai or Jo Malone.  I  wear it solo or layered to reflect my mood.



2. Total Pin Up

I admire  a woman that is relaxed and confident in her own skin. Women that speak from their heart and also have a fun, silly side.


I believe you can create a beautiful look on any budget.  My wardrobe consists of a few Designer basics and then I choose more trendy or seasonal pieces that are easy to change out.

 If I’m headed to the office my uniform will consist of trousers or a pencil skirt paired with sweaters or blouses.


 Off days, you will see me in denim with a loosely tucked blouse or trendy tee and a blazer.  I generally wear a shoe with a heel or wedge rather than flats.  It’s worth it to spend extra on a good pair of shoes!

I tend to layer pieces and prefer a more tailored look.  Flowery, frilly dresses just don’t work for me sadly as I do find the look  feminine and pretty.

My accessories are very simple.  A large watch, bracelet and a simple diamond necklace.

That’s it.


 Drop earrings are gorgeous however my ears will only tolerate them for an hour or two.  I have a simple earrings I wear almost daily.

  3.    The Man in Your Life: What attributes to you find appealing in a partner?

 I’ll take humor over flowery language and I  find it attractive when a man can get serious and express his thoughts. Sometimes I feel like men are always posturing.  Showing a softer side is essential as women need a little tenderness and not everything is black and white .. or fixable.  Social and emotional differences between men and women CAN be sexy .. if you allow it to be.   Success comes when we work with what IS rather that than what we would like it to be.


4. Getting your MOJO on

 It’s all about ambiance and mystery.  Showing just a little…

 Candles, opening a bottle of wine,  a quiet dinner at home can be totally romantic. I believe you can create romance anywhere .. just be creative!

Date night, a quiet corner table, or a seat at the bar is romantic. Choosing an outfit, layering with pretty lingerie, and playing with make up is such a fun process.

  Feeling pretty is sexy.   Depending on my mood I’ll choose between wine or a cocktail. Tequila on the rocks with fresh lime and a splash of Triple Sec is sexy.


5. Romantic Food:Chocolate!

Dark, milk, with or with out caramel and always with salt. 


 Little bites or small plates are sexy and food you can pick up with your fingers.   Salad and soup is not very sexy .. it gets messy;)  I love to eat and I eat everything.


 6.  What would you say to a woman that is struggling with her self image as she enters her 50′s?

 Following is a list of topics from a magazine I saw the other day:

  “..loose the mid life spread, how to stop aging, a celebrities anti-aging secrets, how to look years younger, fillers that work, the non surgical face lift…”

I prefer to not use the words anti-aging as it further emphasizes the societal norm that we are (as a society) against aging.  The media has helped to create an environment that often crushes the female spirit, creating a feeling of hopelessness.  It’s important not to be seduced by what we think is beautiful.  Photo shop is not real.

 For skin care I might say let’s refresh your skin or you have mature skin.  Lines and wrinkles cannot be avoided for the most part.  Embrace and work on your glow!

 Be kind to yourself and support and be kind to other women.

 It’s O.K.A.Y

 Forget the number and focus on how you feel.  Sometimes I think I convince myself that I need to slow down because of my age.  We are capable of being active (mentally and physically) at any age.


The more we sit, the more difficult it is to move.

  Do you know Kyle Maynard?  here  If you don’t, you should #inspiration


     Never say never.




empty nester

with her pup Layla

Let’s celebrate together! 

Which one of these will you do today?

Dance around the house.

Take a long walk.

Get a pedicure.

Buy a puppy.

Bring home flowers.

Light a candle.

Meet a friend for lunch.

Start laughing!

Wear some sexy lingerie.

Tell your friend something you like about her.

Take a bubble bath.

Get romantic with your partner.

Express how you really feel.

Do something that takes you out of your comfort one.


Make sure to come back next week for a special guest you won’t want to miss!

Important note:

Please pardon the mess here today and my absence from the blog world.  We have been in the process of moving and in tandem ..  Around the Table is under construction so it’s been a little crazy.

I am working with a new Web Designer and hopefully I’ll be back soon.

Thank you for your patience.





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THE TREND and winner

The TREND is white.
This time of year I seem to be obsessed with it as Seattle continues to be grey, rainy.. and very muddy.  
The Tory Burch flats are so pretty in white and if you’d prefer a heel, these are perfect!

White, blush, soft pink.. I just can’t get enough of it right now.

We are in the process of moving and building .. I know, I’ve been keeping it a secret because I am in denial.  It’s all happened so quickly.  To create additional stress, I’ve decided this is the perfect time to give my blog a re-do.  I am crossing  my fingers there are only a few glitches here and there.

Shop Tory Burch here
To add to the chaos, we are hosting a party for 30 tonight.  The house is almost empty and I’ve packed most of my entertaining supplies so I’m stressing as to wear to put things. Can anyone come over and help me??

Cocktail?  ..oh yeah

Just bought this .. love the color, and such a great idea to have a product that multitasks!
lip & CHEEK tint! here
love the vibe here.. take me away Tory!


The winner of the Kari Gran trial kit is

I think their prices are excellent! I love using natural products on my face and body, so would love the opportunity to win this. I follow you on IG and FB. Enjoy your weekend. I love your philosophy on moderation. Too often we stress ourselves out to make changes when the gentler approach is more effective and kind to our bodies. xoJennifer
Congratulations!  Send me your mailing info :)

Feel pretty!

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