Summer Sachets



                                                                   Hi!  I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and the beautiful summer weather.  It’s Lavender season and I always look forward to harvesting a few bundles to take home to make my favorite laundry sachets.

 It’s so easy and makes your laundry smell incredible!  




 Drying your Lavender

Hang your tied Lavender bunch upside down until the flowers are dry and ready to fall off.

Purchase  muslin cloth and cut into 4 by 4 inch squares. Sew (by hand or machine) around the square leaving an opening at one end for the Lavender.

Gently remove the dried flowers and  place them in the open end of a muslin cloth.

Fill each square about 2/3 full and sew the open side.

Make sure you sew a close stitch around your square otherwise you will have Lavender all over your drier (this happened to me the first time I tried to do this!)


My Lavender dryer Sachets!


 Known for it’s relaxing properties, lavender is a wonderful herb to add to a sleep pillow. Used alone, lavender buds may bring a restful quality to sleep, for young and old alike. 



 When you cut the Lavender, cut from the second leaf set  from the stem.

Have you ever used Lavender?



Dress: MILLY / Shoes: JOIE/ Bracelets: JCrew/  David Yuram

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