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Happy Monday!

I just returned from a vacation in  Whistler, Canada with my family. Although our presence is important at the home front during construction, the break from all the decisions and chaos was a necessary and  welcome change.

Whistler is located in the spectacular mountains of British Columbia just two hours north of Vancouver.  Two majestic mountains overlook the vibrant base Village with cobblestone pathways and hanging baskets and pottery overflowing with flowers.  Here you will find epic skiing and snowboarding, four championship golf courses, unbeatable shopping, restaurants and bars, accommodation to suit every budget, hiking trails, spas and arguably the best mountain bike park in the world.

Eager to turn off cell phones and computers and get my alpine girl  on,  we  set off daily to explore the forest,  glacial lakes,  alpine meadows,  and unique wildlife. 

Beauty in Alpine …

When I travel, I always consider what skin care products my skin might need.  This vacation required careful planning and fortunately I had just the products I needed.   Recently I have been using la prairie products and I couldn’t wait to take them along to see if they could keep me from feeling dry in the high altitude and sunny, dry weather that we had.



Here was my vacation skin care regimen.

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la prairie


After washing my face with a creamy cleanser, I applied  ANTI-AGING LONGEVITY SERUM. The serum soaked in, leaving my skin soft and not tacky like some serums do.  Serums help keep our skin cells healthy and protect from environmental free radical damage.  This is a potent age-delay serum so I never skip this step.

Under and around the eye area I used ANTI-AGING EYE CREAM with sunscreen.  My eyes are sensitive and I found this luxurious light weight, protective cream gentle and not irritating.   To give my lips a boost, I also applied the eye cream along along the outer edges of my lip line.

After applying SERUM and EYE CREAM, I applied sunscreen to my face.  Depending on how my skin feels, I may skip a lotion and go straight to a sunscreen prior to applying any make up.


After removing my make up, I gently cleansed my skin and applied la prairie’s ANTI-AGING NIGHT CREAM to my face.  This luxurious cream is packed with age-defying peptides, anti-oxidants, and extracts that add moisture and restore balance to the skin.

I loved the feel of this product on my skin and it soaked it right up after an active day in the mountains.

The La Prairie Legend

“it all began with a quest for timeless beauty, the primary mission of the clinique la prairie in Montreux, Switzerland and the inspiration for our revolutionary skincare formulas. a pioneer in cellular anti-aging therapies, la prairie has always harnessed ingredients both rare and beneficial. today, with cutting edge biotechnology and our patented cellular complex, the formulations have become the most luxurious on earth.”

If you have any questions regarding the products I used,please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you   La Prairie for the opportunity to review these products.

If you’d like to learn more about these products, visit their website HERE.






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